I am a qualified NLP trainer, trained by John Grinder the co-founder of NLP, Carmen St. Clair and Michael Carroll, teaching both Classic and New Code NLP.

It is my life’s passion to discover deeper levels of people’s thoughts and actions. During my journey I have met many inspiring people and studied many books that led me to become an accredited Counsellor. Following my accreditation I continued studying to become a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and had the immense honour of being trained by the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll as well as Richard Bandler and John LaValle.
I am a fully certified trainer in both the Classic and New code NLP.

The first part of my “Journey” was to learn Reiki and have been practicing for many years.

I travelled to Japan to the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto to become a Shihan (Teacher) under the wise leadership of Tadao Yamaguchi.

Reiki is a daily part of my life, that I use, not only to treat others, but also myself, friends and family.

It is always such a pleasure to share this beautiful healing system.

Most of my year is spent in Bahrain, I often travel back to Kenya to teach Reiki Seminars and give treatments I also travel to Europe and the rest of the world for further training and to learn new techniques.


NLP is many things but most importantly it is the guide to archiving your potential and living the full life you deserve. NLP encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. NLP describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (programming).

Discovering NLP is a fundamental journey to understanding the art and science of communication. These simple tools will unlock your innate ability to excel in all areas of your life.

NLP can be seen as so many different things. It’s an approach to your mind designed to help you get greater control over your thought processes and your feelings. It teaches you how to get more out of yourself by harnessing your emotions and your intelligence together to achieve what you want, enabling you to do the same for others.


Refers to your neurology and your mind.


Refers to the language that we use that affect the mind


Is a means of “programming” your brain through language and other forms of communication to operate more efficiently and in ways that are most beneficial to you.

It’s fair to say that your life experiences so far, shaped you into the person that you are today, isn’t it? Your mind is already conditioned with all sorts of programs (characteristics, habits, beliefs, values, preferences, comfort zone, etc…) and most of them directly impacting/determining the very quality of your life today. Being in a position of power, armed with such knowledge and skill, you can change ANY program, any part of your conditioning and instantly change the quality of your life. This means less bad and more good stuff for you, as you get to be in charge. It’s absolutely amazing!

This means an end to most stress in your life, more confidence, self inspired motivation, focus, amazing and fulfilling relationships, vibrant health and financial freedom for you and/or your clients, if you were to take NLP as a professional career path. In a nut-shell, your business and your personal life will raise to a whole new level of quality – with you finally in the driving seat.

The bespoke courses offered include:

Negotiation and rapport skills

Learn how to achieve rapport with anyone, so as to achieve heightened productivity through artful negotiation.

Modelling excellence in every field

Learn how to model anyone, to take their excellence and apply it

to yourself, changing your strategies and stepping into their shoes.

Visualising, manifesting and achieving goals

Find out what gets in the way of achieving your goals,

using Visualisation and Manifestation techniques to remove any obstacles.

Addressing your Limiting Beliefs, using various processes 

to help change those beliefs for a much more positive future.

Language patterns for more effective communication

Learn how to use language for getting the responses you want,

mastering understanding of someone’s language in everyday conversation, how they will

react in any given situation. How to customise your language  for specific people and groups to trigger

motivationn and even change people’s minds !


Is a set of techniques and the creation of it’s founder Kevin Laye. It is a blending of proven techniques, many of them with strong neuroscience based processes. The techniques are rapid in their application from one second to a couple of minutes.

The system has a Kaizen ‘continuous improvement’ philosophy and is developing all the time by both Kevin and the practitioners. We are constantly evolving.


Counselling is a confidential and safe way to talk about your feelings, identify thought processes that are holding you back and develop an insight into understanding your emotions. Melanie helps you create coping skills for the future.

Life Coaching

The fast pace of our lives often leaves little time for reflection, and implementing changes can appear daunting. Life coaching builds strategically on your fundamental strength and well-being, one step at a time, to support you in becoming the best you. Through a series of questions and affirmations, Melanie unlocks key thoughts within you to clearly assess situations, act effectively and maintain motivation, allowing you to rise up and reach your potential.



TFT for short, is an engaging and practical technique that allows you to take control of stressful situations and emotional states through a learnable tapping sequence on specific meridian points.



Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing method that channels concentrated energy to re-vitalize the body and restore balance. Rei means ‘Universal’ and Ki ‘The vital life force of energy that flows through living things’. The benefits of reiki are enormous. When our body does not have enough energy to repair itself, reiki can directly channel pure healing energy. This energy does not conflict with any other treatments. Sickness is caused when harmful toxins accumulate in the body. Regular sessions of Reiki re-energize the body and flush out damaging toxins to restore balance and wellness. In so many ways, Reiki is a wonderful tool for personal growth and a gift to anyone touched by it.


Jikiden Reiki is the original most simple form of Reiki as taught by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 1900’s. It is the most precise and authentic form in the world, a treatment method to improve the body and the mind. As well as receiving regular Reiki treatments, becoming a Reiki Practitioner is accessible to anyone. Learning Jikiden Reiki will give you the natural tools to improve your own health, happiness and balance, plus the chance to help others achieve the same.

Melanie teaches two levels of Jikiden Reiki


At the first level of Jikiden Reiki you will receive 3 Reiju (attunements) and learn how to use Reiki to treat any physical condition, disease or injury. The content of the 2-day workshop includes:

  • What Reiki is and how it works in conjunction with the body’s natural healing systems.
  • How to give Reiki treatments in professional & domestic situations. The history of Reiki and the meaning and background to the Japanese characters, terms and 1 symbol.
  • How to detect and treat areas with high concentrations of toxins (the concept of byosen).
  • First aid techniques using koki ho, gyoshi ho & bushu.
  • The Blood Rejuvenation technique (Ketsueki Kokan).
  • Exercises to practice and develop your sensitivity (Hatsurei Ho).
  • Practice giving Reiki treatments.



At Okuden level, you learn psychological & distance healing. You will also gain a deeper understanding of Reiki, learn 2 more symbols and their essential background, and receive 2 further Reiju. The psychological healing method (Sei Heki Chiryo) provides an effective way to help you through difficult times or issues, e.g.fears, stress, anxiety, phobias, worry, anger, depression, addiction, eating disorders, severe trauma… Generally, the more long-term the issue, the longer it takes to resolve. Some positive effects can usually be felt from the outset.

On completion of the course, you will be registered with Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan, and you receive a beautiful hand written certificate in Japanese Kanji from Japan.


There will also be an opportunity for graduates to come and share their experiences with others students, as well as practice Reiki. This is a resource you will have for life, to use in whichever way you choose.
Courses are also available in two other Reiki Systems – Usui Reiki Ryoho (Western Reiki) and Karuna Reiki. Please ask for more details.




Hypnotherapy has often been cast in an unfavorable light.

We are around 95% unconscious!

Your mind is made up of the conscious and the unconscious.

Trance is the state in which Hypnosis takes place so that we can access our unconscious minds.

We are often in a trance watching television, driving long distances and sometimes reading a book.

It is an astonishingly effective treatment to address many difficulties for instance stopping smoking, losing weight and reducing stress to name but a few.


Melanie conducts Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations twice a month and also does private healing sessions.

What exactly is sound healing?

Sound healing is the science of applying sound and frequencies, to parts or all of the body, in order to effect change, and return body, mind and soul to a state of wholeness, balance and harmony.

Sound is the invisible healer. It works whether we fight it or allow it, know it, believe it, or not. Sound reaches into the cells, heals without leaving a scar, dissolving blocked energy, transforming, realigning and restoring, in ways we may not have even yet considered.

Used therapeutically, sound creates the optimum environment for healing to occur; altering brainwaves, calming the nervous system, alleviating stress, circulating energy, and harmonizing organs and body systems.

Melanie is providing sessions through Skype.

To schedule an appointment, please send an email indicating the modality you’re interested in, with the preferred time (and timezone) to melanie323@gmail.com

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